Kalaa Kathaa Previews | Muvindu Binoy

January 10th 2019


Muvindu Binoy is a self-taught artist and independent filmmaker. As a digital artist, Binoy works with different subjects facing the Generation Y of his country, using the letter ‘Y’ as a pun for his questioning of character and integration of the reality experienced in his artistic outcome. He observes his generational outlook, exploring terms of gender, agency, title and the expectation of traditional values contradicted by modern-emancipated standards of the digital age. Binoy never actively participated or first-hand experienced any direct effects of the Sri Lankan civil war and acts solely as an observer of the ever-present trauma that remains. Binoy’s collages visualize popular culture objects in combination with nostalgic vintage photographs from colonial Ceylon. The motifs are highlighted and framed by pastel-colored geometric shapes in evocation of digital icons. His preferred format is the square, an indirect citation of the normative trimmed image-cosmos of Instagram. His selection of colors and images also signify the takeover of a precise global hipster trend, once an urban subculture, now a glossy visual hegemony.

“Collage gives you the ability to talk in fragments. It has the visual power to give multiple meaning to a single signifier. A shoe is not just foot wear but it has a chance of becoming a head to a human. However, “Divine Thru” is about accessing the absolute human ecstasy by fulfilling all desires with the excessive use of technology. It’s like we are in a drive thru to our own divine. It’s fascinating to see how people visualised gods in the olden days. Especially these gestures, postures you see in Hindu gods. The type of ‘mudras’, body shapes and sexuality is each unique” – Muvindu Binoy

For Muvindu Binoy’s artworks go to ART SPACE SRI LANKA.