A Retrospective Exhibition Paintings, Drawings & Prints

A Retrospective Exhibition Paintings, Drawings & Prints
25 Jul 2009 – 12 Aug 2009
Paradise Road Galleries

As in life, there is an alphabet to absorb and assimilate in Art. Artists owing to faculties they are endowed with, may possess an advantage, but they too have to assimilate In the formative stages of their beginning.

Then development comes by probing their own integrity, finding a personal logic and uncovering sensibilities in themselves.

Often the end they strive for and desire to communicate, owing to possible excursions in Truth’s devious paths, could point Inevitably towards the metaphysical.

In Art there will always be the question of direction and slant, as the discoveries to be made are infinite and the nature of aesthetic is unknown, being both simple and recondite.

– George Claessen, 1975