An Exhibition of Paintings

An Exhibition of Paintings 
25 Aug 2004 – 15 Sep 2004
Paradise Road Galleries

To explain what leraille’s pictures are all about would be equivalent to seeking with a few words to define the beauty. What id beauty? But a balance of finesse and harmony! All these characteristics are essentially alive in Eric Leraille’s works.

If i dare to interpret Eric Leraille’s work with musical fantasy i would find Mozart, Duke Ellinton, Eric Staie and Bill Even’s vibrations and deliberate dissonance, it would not be a surprise if these musicians were not part of his intimate world.

Eric Leraille Invites us to share his escape, he leads us with a fluid out of time motion to an out of space freedom, which could not be measured  in square feet. He opens windows in our blind walls.

i met an artist who is not exorcising his nightmares who is not putting his Epoch on trial, but who lives serenely to the rhyme of the passing clouds.

As clouds go by, he will attempt to capture rhyme tenderly, rather than looking down at concrete and asphalt.

His painting is kept alive with poetry, hope and tomorrows.

-Jean De Meulder, 2004