Banyan Trees In Sri Lanka

Banyan Trees In Sri Lanka 
03 Dec 2015 – 17 Dec 2015
Paradise Road Galleries

For many years I painted natural forms; like landscapes, humans, animals and plants in classical techniques. It refreshed the basics of my drawing techniques of line and perspective, which I had learned at an early age. But due to my experience as a sculptor, I was no longer satisfied with flat surfaces. Parallel to these motives, I began to create with the idea of three-dimensional paintings. Technically that did not mean molding a relief, but create the impression of being inside, or going through the painting, rather than viewing it from outside.

Twenty years ago, I went to the Andaman Islands in India on a holiday from Pakistan. That is where I first saw Banyan trees. Since then, it was deep inside my conscience. Ten years later, when I arrived in Sri Lanka for the first time, I saw the Banyan trees again. Primitivism and strong life of this tree became my main theme from that moment.

I like using perspective form which is very different from Japanese art. Using Acrylic paint is a very practical method. I don’t use oil at all. I have developed my own technique by combining Japanese and European art techniques. – Ikuko Deguchi-Peters