Eternal Landscapes

Eternal Landscapes 
05 Nov 2015 – 03 Dec 2015
Paradise Road Galleries

I am searching to find the rhythm of nature. I tried to simplify the forms and strip them down to bare essentials. These works are abstract and they express the journey of life. My works symbolically depict human existence, which is eternal and ultimate. My inspiration is varied; Bengali, Far Eastern art, and both traditional paintings of Sri Lanka and India.

Use of colour has a symbolic and eternal aspect, and I try to evoke the inner beauty in a structure. The feeling is linear and juxtaposed with light and shade as well as negative and positive space, thus creating a chiaroscuro background. This also implies the philosophy of Maya: what appears before us is not limited what is seen, it goes beyond.

My paintings are a journey and metaphorically represent the way of our life or the ‘Sansara’.