Exhibition of Paintings

Exhibition of Paintings 
29 Jul 2005 – 19 Aug 2005
Paradise Road Galleries

Upall Ananda announces a ‘come-back’ with this exhibition after a ‘ups° of several years. His work symptomizes the radical changes that happened in the 1990s In Sri Lankan art that redefined Sri Lankan modernism as on art of para-Modern. Ills painted two-dimensional works in mid I 990s marked a radical disengagement with abstract expressionist ways and methods of art making. As such, In retrospect, I would say that his works were a prognosis in many important ways.
Upali’s style is rooted In the genre of urban graffiti whose authors are the anonymous inhabitants of the marginalized zones of the metropolis and the suburbs. With the appropriation of  ‘signs’, ‘motifs’ and ‘quotes’ from Eurban graffiti he has constructed a series of visual narratives that are Inherently paradoxical, His visual positions are frivolous, comic, and witty in one hand, and yet very serious and critical on the other. For him there lies a complex ‘story’ behind each of his seemingly funny visualizations.

-Jagath Weerasinghe, 2005