Exhibition of Paintings

Exhibition of Paintings
18 Dec 2009 – 6 Jan 2010
Paradise Road Galleries

Pleasure of the Picture

I choose to refer to my works as the re-imagination ‘pictures’ rather than ‘paintings’ or ‘text’. This noun implies a space one goes into. An abstract painting or abstract expressionistic because it dwells primiraly on the material and surface.

I work with the traditional medium of oil paints. I believe this stems from my interest in art history in art histoy and my wanting to be part of the line of development of man – from cave painters 35,000 same tools – a stick with some hair on the end of it, minerals from the earth mixed with some oil. I love that sense that i’m doing the same thing that people have always done. What is special about painting picture is that i can lie with it endlessly. There are no boundaries. Of couse, oil painting is characteristically slow, however i try to react fast. I have a rather direct. fast relationship and attitude towards pictures.

Art is also about thinking therefore revolutions are still possible in paintings.

– Sanjeewa Kumara, 2009