Exhibition of Paintings

An Exhibition of Paintings 
27 Sep 2007 – 15 Oct 2007
Paradise Road Galleries

My work is an outcome of a series of stimulus form my environment. AT one level it is nostalgic reminiscence of my childhood days when we used to make paper boats and play with them. At another level this toy boat symbolizes the noah’s ark and in turn is an extension of how religion in intrinsically ingrained in every child which comes forth in this world. Another stratum of my work celebrates the indigenousness that is ap part of my entity. The religious inconography which i have connoted through these esexless, Bald headed figures are a symbol of how all religions impart the message of peace and it is this factor which binds mankind. in fact it is sense of belonging to a metaphysical ideology and a need to perform mystic which is a unanimous need of mankind which connects one individual to another

-R. M. Naeem,2007