Exhibition of Paintings

Exhibition of Paintings 
19 Jul 2000 – 14 Aug 2000
Paradise Road Galleries

The artistic manner that forms the core of Jagath Ravindra’s paintings is abstraction. For over a decade he has been delving into a pictorial thermatic heightened with poetic and contemplative emotions and feelings. His cityscapes; the theme that he was mostly working with in the recent past, are poetic and pensive expressions. His works on the city can be placed among the most successful painterly expressions of a painting tradition that has deep roots in the arts of 1970s and 1980s in Sri Lanka, Later in the pensive and the poetic mood of Jagath’s works gradually lent itself to the formation of a pictorial expansiveness, that alludes to a broad and forlorn ‘psycho-scape’, that is ‘heavy with voiceless figures, shadows and forms. The works in the current show manifest this change in his artistic vision. Jagath while being true to his own history of art making, is expanding his vision here to be both a story-teller’ and abstractionist.

– Jagath Weerasinghe, 2000