Exhibition of Paintings

Exhibition of Paintings 
8 Jan 2010 – 23 Jan 2010
Paradise Road Galleries

These paintings are about me, yes I know that’s vain, but I think I have the right because I’m the painter. But more importantly, they are about being an artist at the age of 33, a period of our lives when we should probably be a bit more stable or have something that is more secure. It’s a scary thought to know that you don’t have a steady pay check or some assets to fall back on. That wouldn’t have bothered me in my 20’s but for some reason now, it does.

This exhibition is about growing up and making decisions about success, whether financial or artistic. It is about what is considered valuable in life, and the choices we make that shape what we are. The catch for me, is that I can never give up painting, despite the downfalls… and I dislike that. But what it comes down to is that when I’m In the studio, by myself, it’s a beautiful thing. So I guess its simple really… Painters paint.

– Nigel Sense, 2010