Exhibition of Paintings

Exhibition of PaintingsĀ 
2 Jul 2002 – 15 Jul 2002
Paradise Road Galleries

It was not easy for Yamuna Kumari in her early years and it is not so now either, but she will succeed. Success, after all is not easy.

A keen interest in drawing and then painting and her immediate surroundings miles away from the city was all she had to start with. Her life could then be a lesson – entering for Exhibitions from her early teens, being recognised even in a small way , was a huge encouragement and then a correct exposure and studies in the Arts, portraying influences in her work, developing a style, exhibiting and competing with several others, learning from each other and contributing to each other.

Vibhavi Academy of Fine Arts with whom she spent three years 1996-99 provided the necessary fundamentals and direction. It was then left to Yamuna Kumari to make use of the opportunities of which there are a growing number at present. There are also a lot more Artists for these opportunities and this is where she could have the advantage with her work which is growing in recognition.

Participation in two International Artists Camps living and working together 16 Sri Lankan Artists and 10 Overseas Artists a mixture of young men and young women from different parts of the world and different exposures and ideologies, circumstances and experiences,communicating through the language of Art and contributing influences to each other.

All this Is emerging Yamuna Kumari’s Paintings, It will continue developing, but ample evidence of it will be in this exhibition.