Exhibition of Paintings and Sculpture

Exhibition of Paintings and Sculpture
12 Oct 2005 – 02 Nov 2005
Paradise Road Galleries

Cora de Land- an enigma! The argentinean artist is bringing a wealth of cultural experiences to Sri Lanka, presenting new works as well as a retrospective collection of her art, which vividly demonstrates her scope and talent. she grew up and studies art in her home country, Argentina, where she became an acclaimed young painter in the early 70s/ Over thirty years ago . Cora embarked on a lifelong journey through continents and cultures, absorbing and digesting them wherever she went, integrating their varies. different and often similar form of expression – a journey which made her a true citizen of the world. she lived in germany, where she married, then spent many years in india, in Nigeria and in mexico.  the repeated process of adapting of familiarizing herself with new climates, environments, people and in particular with her artist colleagues, has given invaluable insights into human nature.

The painting, drawing and sculptures of Cora de Lang – Signed with her logo “Korah” since childhood – reflect this journey in an impressive manner. Aztec symbolism, Yoruba ritualistic objects, india deities – in her artistic poetry, they remind is of the “magical realism” known from the literature of gabriel garcia arquez. Wherever Cora Spent a period of her life, she became an active member of the art scene, redefining her work in terms of motives, colors, materials, techniques, even artistic cooperation. Her innumerable solo and joint exhibitions are proof of this vivid participation, adn of the enthusiastic acclaim and appreciation she receives for her work among the art lovers

-Thomas imbodedem, 2005