Exhibition of Paintings & Drawings

Exhibition of Paintings & Drawings
21 Aug 2009 – 9 Sep 2009
Paradise Road Galleries

Look closely , be present and you will grasp the concepts of my paintings. There is a grammar present in each piece, formed though the process with which I work.


As the fresh breeze blows,

It warms the land, it cools the land.

The earth changes its colours and textures constantly, So as to hide from me a particular shape or form… The foreground, mid-field and the background keep shifting in motion; Constantly changing and re-forming. These abstractions inspire my eyes and mind.

There are musical images that cannot be understood through poetry or prose. They appear, disappear, and appear again.

I feel the exaltation of it all.

These feelings and encounters are endless beginnings.

– Kingsley Gunatillake 2009