Exhibition of Paintings

Exhibition of Paintings
17 Nov 2000 – 03 Dec 2000
Paradise Road Galleries

Eric Weets, a Belgian artist, stands alone in that his art is like no other. His paintings are masterpieces in fine detail. He paints figures, reflective of the world in its present state. they are pensive throughout, His figures entwine, sinewy, sensuous with incredible hedonistic appeal and they can have a disquietude, Weets’ many years  of living in india has infused a mystical spiritualism to his paintings and this element is revealed in uznfattered abandon in his works

– Andrea Boekel


Philomena Pawar, a modern young indian artist is a lady with a mission. Her art enlivens and peps up the most jaded. Her colours are brilliant; like plumage on tropical birds. She paints forms balancing them in two dimensional space into one harmonic composition. Not related to anything, living or otherwise, they are manifestations of the subconscious. There’s a cascade of emotions that flow through her paintings including refreshing naiveté. they are definitely in a league of their own

Andrea Boekel