Infinity Painting

Infinity Painting
16 Dec 2011 – 26 Jan 2012
Paradise Road Galleries

I like to work with the traditional medium of oil because of my interest in art history, to be part of the artistic development of man, from the cave painters 35,000 years ago to the present. Essentially, we use the same tools. A stick with some hair at the end of it, and minerals from the earth mixed with some oil. I love the sense that i’m doing the same thing that people have always done.

Today paintings are thought of as a traditional media. I feel however that there is still the capacity to discover and exploit. Revolution is still possible in paintings.

What is special about painting a picture is that i can lie with it endlessly. There are no boundaries. It is a representation of the time we live in and express the feelings of the moment.

– Sanjeewa Kumara, 2011