Little Hut In the Paddy Field

Little Hut In the Paddy Field
25 Aug 2006 – 8 Sep 2006
Paradise Road Galleries

‘Little Hut in the Paddy Field’ is the sequel to Lasantha Chandana Kumara’s first exhibition at Paradise Road Galleries. In his new collection Lasantha focuses on the characteristics of rural Sri Lanka.

‘Pictures and letters are really blood-relations’, states E,H.Gombrich. In primitive art, it was believed that the painting of pictures invoked the powers of magic and religion through symbolism. In a similar context, Lasantha depicts images of rural life and farming, such as the water and the sickle. These images surrounding the mud hut, with striking colours that represent the five elements, not only portray their importance in agriculture and rural life. They reach out to urban society and inspire a respect of a way of life completely in sync with Mother Nature.

– Saskia Fernando, 2006