Looking Forward, Looking Back

Looking Forward, Looking back
20 Dec 2018 – 09 Jan 2019
Paradise Road Galleries

Today painting is recognized as a traditional media. But painting still has specific capacities of its own to discover and exploit. An abstract painting or abstract expressionistic painting is rarely a picture; an abstract painting is a painting because it dwells primarily on the material and surface. But ‘picture’ implies a space one goes into. I am moving more and more in the direction that I don’t want to refer to my images as paintings. I myself suggest the term ‘picture’. This word has a more general meaning. But with its reference to depiction it is very close to ideas of representation. Pictures are evoking imaginary spheres and they go beyond amusement or exotic. The uncanny—the fantastic—the marvelous—the hesitation—the supernatural and the Uncertainty is very important to my work.

What is special about painting; pictures’ is that I can lie with it endlessly. There are no boundaries.

– Sanjeewa Kumara, 2018