Love Puzzle

Love Puzzle
4 June 2013 – 25 June 2013
Paradise Road Galleries

Love is a phenomenon which is capable of giving you anything you wish. Like the power of gravity which keeps us in place on earth. Love is a binding force. It has made us who we are and what we are.

As a person born and brought up in Buddhist culture, I believe that the concepts of good and bad fostered in the Dhamma controls my subconscious mind which in turn guides me to hold onto what I conceptualize as good or spiritual. I release this on canvas.

In the existing sociol cultural ethics “love” is often harnessed for material gain. Man in this scenario, a being unto himself, is driven by selfishness which he has embraced as love.

I introduce certain materials used in consumerism such as, bits of newspaper, advertising banners onto my canvas (materials which seduce love) and infuse them with colour. This is a relationship with my subconscious mind, resulting in works of art.

– Sanjaya Senavirathna, 2013