28 Apr 2016 – 25 May 2016
Paradise Road Galleries

In the beginning there was a line’, once said Pliniusthe Elder, the natural philosopher who lived towards the end of the Roman Empire. Since then, generations of art historians and experts are more or less convinced that a sketch or a drawing always is the beginning of a process of art which is ending in a painting, a sculpture or in architecture.
It must have been some ten years ago – I just had enjoyed his gorgeous painting Ardhanarishvara at an Exhibition – and then I visited the artist Sampath Amunugama for the first time at his place to have a look at his other paintings. It took ages before he showed me his latest paintings, because he first dragged from a small room a countless amount of drawings that soon covered the whole floor in the main room of his house.
At that very time I thought that all these drawings were practices, assurances, philosophical and existential studies for his final paintings, because all elements in his drawings were also found in his paintings. Now, I know, that these drawings represent a distinctive and autonomous expression of the artist.
Some drawings take weeks for Sampath to finish but others are made by the dozen in only one night. It seems that a primal force in his works sometimes just wants to destroy the medium on which it is used.
Once, somebody told me ‘paintings can fill rooms, whereas drawings cause tension in a room’. I personally find this tension and the way it is created very exciting. Drawings don’t forgive any failures. Drawings are precious documents of our fragile beingness.

-Gerd Pueschel, 2016