02 Oct 2015 – 29 Oct 2015
Paradise Road Galleries

Rubert Soysa’s abstracts are dominated by nameless human figures and their diverse moods and the artists work is influenced by the classical abstract painting tradition and pioneer painters like Pablo Picasso and Van Gogh as well as by the age-old Sri Lankan temple paintings.

Soysa is conveying philosophical ideas of life, subjecting his paintings to multiple interpretations and readings. At a closer look, they are human figures under myriads of shades and colours. From a broader perspective, they are universal human figures that belong to no particular culture yet at another level, they depict the harsh lives of the workers, portraying their pangs. These faces depict complexities of emotions ranging from extreme happiness to melancholy, fatigue, tiredness and a sense of uncertainty in life.

-Indeewara Thilakarathne, 2015