New Fabulism

New Fabulism 
25 May 2017 – 14 Jun 2017
Paradise Road Galleries

What is special about painting pictures is that I can lie with it endlessly. There are no boundaries. Other mediums such as photography and cinema, still carry with them traces of authentic reality. Painting does not start from reality, and that makes it unique.

In this recent series of paintings, I try to synchronize them into my own, unique visual language. I try to re-imagine, re-invent ‘new forms / new identity / new landscape. It becomes a self-styled project, In this project I bring the viewer to a surreal reservoir of images of Sri Lankan history, the furniture of a bygone colonial world, Egyptian art, rococo art, Indian legends, Greek philosophy, planets and space, Sea animals, Dinosaurs, and secret languages spoken by the painters only.

-Sanjeewa Kumara, 2017