Pilgrimage Overlanka

Untitled II

Pilgrimage Overland
21 Oct 2011 – 11 Nov 2011
Saskia Fernando Gallery

Pilgrimage Overland; crossing the conventional boundaries between art and life showcase two exhibitions of oil on canvas and ink on paper by Anup Vega at the Saskia Fernando Gallery and Paradise Road Galleries. The passion and pleasure of art drew him to the field in the 80s and then when he came to  Colombo he received the exposure he needed to persue the field. After 79 Anup Vega was schooling in Colombo until 83. 1983-1990 he was doing nothing and playing the guitar and wondering around. After O/Levels he kept the promise to his mother to complete his schooling. The teachings he received from the universe were that he had to move physically for his artist to flow, In pali the word used is ‘Carath’, which means you have to move to find the inspiration, once you have the idea  you need to live and practice yoga.  Landscapes have a life of their own and therefore landscapes becomes figurative to Anup Vega. Vega is a name that was given to Anup Vega’s father a photographer. When Anup was young his father is so much into black and white pictures, retouching them with handwork, long before computers were being used. Anup now works from Pannala while travelling all over the island and painting as he goes along.