Vasa Varna

Vasa Varna/ Living Colours
20 Dec 2019 – 9 Jan 2020
Paradise Road Galleries

Priyantha Weerasooriya acquired a Diploma in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins London and works predominantly with mixed media on rice paper. In this exhibition the artist presents a series of portraits of Prince Siddhartha; his portraits are a statement against traditional representations. Adorned with jewels and brightly coloured clothing the portraits are contrasted a flatly depicted face, representative of the calm and serene that lay within his subject. Unlike conventional paintings of the Buddha which tend to use traditional colours such as gold, he chooses different colours and it was this change of style which attracted attention. Throughout his work, Priyantha Weerasooriya wants the viewer to more readily understand who Buddha was and reflect on what his life means while he himself embarks on a personal journey of discovery.