17 Oct 2019 – 07 Nov 2019
Paradise Road Galleries

The works of J.C.Rathnayake depict fantasy landscapes and incorporate lines of figures often times evoking the theme of Buddhist philosophy that follows the natural world of recurring patterns while relaxing the mind from stress and taking the viewer to a higher level of consciousness. Rathnayake’s art attempts to combat the increasingly cluttered world, where minds are constantly being bombarded by imagery and information at a speed that does not afford the time to process thoughts.His new body of work is focused on the central objects, a core and focal point that has evolved from the artists relaxed observation and meditative practice as a painter.

This is my attempt to abandon the style I have been pursuing for close to ten years. My current series of paintings are the result of a free flow of a relaxed mental awakening, resulting in a unique combination of colors incorporating minimal intervention into the suasion of form and colors.

– J. C. Rathnayake