The Nature of Love

The Nature of Love 
26 Feb 2018 – 07 Mar 2018
Paradise Road Galleries

The nature of love is translated into different forms, shapes and colours”

My love for a work of art is an intimate affair, which is why I long to own the work so I can live with it- touch it, move it around, and have it as my own. When the work is abstract, there are endless reasons for my attraction.

Abstract art is an abstraction. It does not represent anything. It is nonobjective. Instead of depicting what I recognize in the world of objects, people and nature, abstract art is concerned with color, line, form, and texture. It is not reality-based but emotionally-based. It is expressive and gestural. As an artist, I am driven to express what I see and feel.

-Sanjaya Senavirathna, 2018