This Is An Island

This Is An Island
27 Jul 2017 – 16 Aug 2017
Paradise Road Galleries

An artist may be defined as a person who re-writes history. Whoever he is, a painter or sculptor, his work is based on his period of time. An artist observes details that are not often seen by others. He takes note of careless incidents that are ignored by others around him. To an artist these are challenges that cannot be left aside. In this aspect his work sometimes takes on a political stance. I certainly have no necessity to plunge into politics through my art. I wish to make an attempt to correct hidden causes that ail the social fabric of Sri Lanka.
In this exhibition the theme for my work has been the narrow minded thinking of our society. Most people who apparently create a beautiful open world, are within themselves imprisoned in a traditional world. Though there are many windows that could be opened, we do not make use of that opportunity to broaden our horizons. Any attempt made by me through this exhibition is to release the pain I endure in being manipulated in my environment.

– Chamila Gamage, 2017