22 Feb 2013 – 14 Mar 2013
Paradise Road Galleries

The artist poses the question: when man’s material and technological advancements have eroded his metaphysical values have brought him peril, where could he turn for refuge?

The answer seems to belying in all those humans symbolically represented in somber or light hued figures. Some are congregated under the soft rays of the moon. Some are half submerged in the sea some are in a formation like a towering figure from which emerges another conglomerate-a giant of a human figure.

Man, who is a powerless mite when alone, rises as a destructive force together in a group against nature as well as against himself. thereby he destroys himself. He should go back to nature for refuge. nature should be his focus for meditation. It is high time man leaves the fantasy-soft and soothing moonlight-and returns to nature in veneration.

– Malini Govinnage