Who Am I

Who Am I 
10 May 2018 – 30 May 2018
Paradise Road Galleries

During the journey of my art creations, I am unable to confirm a specific identity at different stages of the creative process. The point of expression is based on the necessity of the creation.

Accordingly, the life I experienced during my stay in a foreign country contributes to my painting series, the conflicts of life in the lives of people around me, including myself. In this global economy identity of people has been abstract. When I was working in a warehouse I realized that people including myself were trapped in the “Modern Slavery” system. There I discovered discontent.

Here, the basic creations are based on “I” and can be described as the mirror of life of others around me. The globally coded barcode is used as a symbolic form for the living sentiments of digitizing people.

-Indika Wijerathne, 2018