Exhibition of Paintings

Exhibition of Paintings 
24 May 2000 – 14 Jun 2000
Paradise Road Galleries

Sujith Rathnayaka is one of a young generation of painters and sculptors who have made an impact in the contemporary art scene in colombo. He, no doubt is one of the most energetic and dynamic personalities of his generation.

Most of his works are instant and intense, probably painted in a matter of hours. they are energized with gesture and speed that at times amout to an extreme looseness, nut regains a structuration by way of printed matter and photographs, which Sujith has placed calculatedly within the painting. His works, most of them are huge; larger that life in scale and present themselves as if they are holding a serious story to proclaim. but they actually fail to compose a story as such, and surprisingly this absence of a story to proclaim, transformed itself into the story of the work. As such his works constitute an enigmatic mood, this puzzling nature of his work depletes the painting of all the possibilities of containing any tractable meaning making his work to exist as an attitude towards art and life in this passing moment. This construction of an attitude, as an expression of art, present the producer of the work, that is Sujith, in response to situations around or within himself, one of the basic arguments he tries to incorporate in his works is as he puts it, the inability of communication between individuals; the eternal imprisonment of individuals within themselves in the contemporary consumer society.

-Jagath Weerasinghe, 2000