Paradise Road Tintagel Colombo

Completed in 1930, Tintagel was intended as a residence for Dr. Lucien de Zilwa. In the mid 1940’s de Zilwa was given a week to vacate the property by the British Military to house one hundred soldiers. The military occupation saw the house wrecked and de Zilwa sold Tintagel to Sir Solomon Dias Bandaranaike for his son, Solomon West Ridgeway (S.W.R.D.). It is from this point in time that the house gained recognition as a structure of national importance.

In 2005, Tintagel, the family home of the Bandaranaike’s was leased to Udayshanth Fernando by the family to become Paradise Road Tintagel Colombo, a unique private hotel. The hotel features an extensive selection of works from Fernando’s private collection including works by artists Lionel Wendt, Ivan Peiris, Saskia Pintelon, RM Naeem, Prageeth Rathnayake, J C Rathnayake, Chamila Gamage, Kingsley Gunatillake and Jagath Ravindra. Several works have been specifically commission by Fernando for the space as each room and public area has a theme within which these works were located.